Did you know that 85% of customers use the Internet to discover local businesses? Establishing a web presence is super important for your business—no matter how small! But where should one begin when planning out an online marketing strategy?

The “guiding light” of your marketing efforts should be tailored to the desires and interests of your target audience. Whether you are crafting content for social media or launching an email campaign, you need to determine who you want to engage with. Especially when building a website for your business, you should have your audience’s key interests in mind.

When performing market research for your business (a feature included in our SEO Consulting package), we dive into the details of your target audience, defining certain characteristics of who they are, what age group they fall under, and how they spend time online. This is often called an audience persona —a profile of your ideal customer. It is important to highlight their interests so that your messaging can resonate with them on a meaningful level. And it is equally important to consider what social media channels they frequently use.

For instance, if your target audience is comprised of mostly 35-55 year-olds, it’s probably best to steer clear of platforms like Snapchat and TikTok and focus your marketing efforts on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Potential customers are more likely to engage with your content on the platforms they already use.

The web presence experts at Real American Marketing are poised to help your small business establish visibility online through a strong web presence. Three areas that are most essential to this web presence include an updated, fully-functional website, relevant social media channels, and local listings profiles.

Our solutions for your small business include website design and management, search engine optimization (SEO) consulting, and social media/local listings management. Customized to the needs of your small business, these services we offer will establish a foundational web presence for you to build upon over time. Whether you are new to the world wide web or need a fresh reboot after being online for several years, our team can help your business thrive!


If you seek real solutions for web presence enhancement, consider contacting the experts at Real American Marketing. We are prepared to develop the right solutions for your specific business needs. Schedule a free consultation today!

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