Let’s Get Real….

A dedicated website is the cornerstone of any business’ web presence. Yet there are many businesses who are still operating from a Facebook page or an Etsy site.

What is holding you back from getting a business website?

Is it pricing?

Is it maintenance hassle?

Or perhaps you just don’t have time to even think about setting up your own site?


If you’re reading this article, I hope you’ve at least begun to consider the benefits of having your own business website.

When you have a dedicated website for your business, you call the shots on what’s approved and not approved for posting. No admin from our team will delete your post or page because it violates a secret set of rules.

Our policies are simple, straightforward, and succinct. We will be sure to discuss them with you before launching your site. By establishing a business website with Real American Marketing, there’s no risk or worry of being silenced or deplatformed.

We strongly believe in the first amendment of our nation’s Constitution. And we believe it extends to business owners and merchants such as yourself.


Let’s get real. It’s 2024.

The last few years have proven that “big tech” platforms cannot be trusted. Why are so many patriot business owners still paying homage to these anti-freedom providers?

Will you take a stand against big tech?

Will your business join the ever-expanding parallel economy?

Get in touch with Real American Marketing today and see how we can enhance your business’ web presence.


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