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Do you qualify as a Real American Business? Are you “100% not woke” in your business operations?


RAB SCORE – a measure of how well a business upholds and respects traditional American values and whether they reject the pervasive anti-American agenda currently corrupting every sphere of our society.



You qualify as a Real American Business if you:

Hire based on merit, not based on skin color;

Are a firm supporter of the Constitution;

Value the sanctity of life and seek to protect and preserve it;

Believe in individual rights for your employees, including medical privacy;

Support the right to defend one’s self, one’s family, one’s property, and one’s country, as enumerated in the Second Amendment;

Honor the right of individuals to freely speak, assemble, and exercise their chosen religion, as enumerated by the First Amendment;

Seek to spend your money based on your values, despite any temporary inconvenience;

Respect our troops, veterans, and community officers;

Always stand for the National Anthem while facing our nation’s flag;

Reject all forms of cultural and political Marxism (DEI, CRT, political correctness, etc.) as the goals of such ideologies are to destroy the family, destroy private property, destroy religion, and destroy our nation.

If you uphold these values, then you qualify as a Real American Business!


Congratulations! You may download the “Real American Business” badge to promote your stance as a Real American Business !

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