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Custom Service means crafting a unique website for each business.

Our marketing agency exists to secure a strong web presence for small businesses. Beyond that, however, we exist to promote liberty, custom service, and justice for all!

As a Patriot Business Owner, we believe you-the owner-should be the one in control of your own website. No corporate entity should regulate your business’ website. The team at Real American Marketing wants to see your business thrive by increasing your online visibility. “Big tech” platforms seek to silence, demonetize, and deplatform folks like ourselves who promote faith, family, and freedom in our daily business engagements.


At Real American Marketing, we pledge to deliver custom service alongside liberty and justice.

Each company or small business is unique. When we take on a project for you, we want to highlight every exceptional aspect about your business to help you stand out from the crowd of industry competitors. No one website is alike!

With a website from Real American Marketing, your business will acquire its own domain name while the site is hosted on a secure and private server network. For the design and layout of the site, our web developers take each project on a case-by-case basis. We want your site to reflect the uniqueness of your business. Part of the initial consultation will include discussing your brand—your business’ logo, colors, fonts, and other aesthetic elements. Your small business deserves a stellar site that will allow potential customers to find you online.

Stop using those “big tech” providers who take your money and use it against you politically. Stand against censorship and data theft by joining the nation-wide community of Real American Business owners.


If you seek real solutions for web presence enhancement, consider contacting the experts at Real American Marketing. We are prepared to develop the right solutions for your specific business needs. Schedule a free consultation today!

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