Social Media Profile Management

Expand your reach and drive more traffic to your website with social media and local listings management.


Includes full management of up to 7 social media profiles and 5 local listings.

This package also includes:

Content Planning

Content Editing & Posting

Monthly Analytics Report

Quarterly Review Campaign

Tailored to your SEO and marketing strategy. Best for website-only businesses who are looking to expand their customer base by enhancing their online presence.

**Please note: We do not offer support for TikTok or Snapchat.

**Listings on Public Sq. and Patriot Owned Businesses included. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our Social Media Management service.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions not addressed below.

“How do I know which platforms to join?”

The best platforms to join are the ones which your target audience frequents the most. When you sign up for one of our marketing services, we will research your target audience to figure out which channels they use the most. We will only set you up on the platforms where potential customers are most likely to find your business. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are probably the most popular in general. But if you want to reach more like-minded, freedom-loving folks, you’ll also want to join a few alternative platforms like Gab and Truth Social. Ultimately, the decision is yours. We are here to make our best recommendations.

“Do I have to join 7 different platforms?”

Having social media channels is a great way to be more visible on the web. But it is most effective to be exclusively on the channels where your customers and potential customers hang out. This is why we take your target audience into consideration before setting you up on random platforms. The more important factor is that you post regularly and engage with customers on your social media channels. With this package, we will help you do just that!

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